Rohit hit multiple records at KKR's Nakanichobani

Kolkata Hunt Desk: Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians met in the fifth match of IPL yesterday. In this match, Mumbai Indians defeated Kolkata Knight Riders by 49 runs and won their first match in this year's IPL. And this match has been a great record.

Let's take a look at the records of this match:

1) This is the twentieth win of Mumbai Indians against Kolkata Knight Riders. No other franchise has a record of winning so many matches against Kolkata Knight Riders.

2) So far, the Mumbai Indians have not won a match on UAE soil. Mumbai have lost every match played in Amirshahi. Mumbai Indians won their first match on Emirates soil with a win over Kolkata Knight Riders yesterday.

3) Rohit Sharma scored the 37th half century of his IPL career.

4) Rohit Sharma hit his 200th six in his IPL career in this match. Rohit Sharma became the fourth cricketer to hit the 200th six.

5) West Indies' Kieron Pollard became the first cricketer to play for the Mumbai Indians in his 150th match yesterday.