Report: Big shock in China! Chinese soldiers are dying of cold in Ladakh

Bangla Hunt Desk: In Ladakh, China has spoken out in front of the media about measures it has taken to protect its troops from the cold amid long-running tensions with India. But now news is coming that the Chinese army is not able to withstand the cold in Ladakh, and their soldiers are constantly getting sick. According to media reports, Chinese troops are losing their lives in Ladakh because they cannot stand the cold.

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According to reports, the People's Liberation Army is suffering casualties in the northern part of Pangong Lake. Last week, Chinese soldiers were taken to the area on stretchers. However, Indian soldiers already have a habit of staying in minus temperatures. Our soldiers have been stationed in Siachen for a long time in the bone-chilling cold, but the Chinese soldiers have no such experience.

The weather in that area of ​​Ladakh gets colder at night. The temperature there drops far below minus. It is rumored that PLA jawans have no experience of staying in such places. And because of this, the number of their casualties may increase. About 15,000 Chinese soldiers are deployed at an altitude of 15,000-16,000 feet.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that China has deployed 60,000 troops along the Line of Actual Control to fight India. Earlier, Chinese media claimed that the Chinese army was ready to deal with the bone-chilling cold in Ladakh. And sophisticated barracks have been built to save the soldiers from the cold.

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