Repeatedly tweeting to Abdar Sonu of iPhone, the actor replied on his face

Banglahunt Desk: Sonu Sood appeared in the incarnation of 'Superman' for migrant workers and poor people in Lockdown. It is as if this well-known Bollywood actor was introduced to a completely new look during the lockdown. Sonu has run away from all those who wanted help in her tireless work.

Sonur did not finish the work even after the lockdown. He is still raising his hand in response to the prayer for help. People are making the actor rich. But in the meantime, some people are still making fun of the issue. Sonu is tweeting for help with strange things. And the actor is also giving his proper answer.

One person jokingly tweeted to Sonu asking for a new phone. “I want an Apple iPhone,” he wrote. I've tweeted at least 20 times. ” It's not too late to respond to the tweet. “I want a phone too,” he wrote in response to the man. Because of that, I can tweet you 21 times. '

Netizens liked Sonu's answer a lot. The actor has given a fair answer, that is the statement of the netizens. Through this tweet, Sonu has explained that if you tweet 20 times, you will not get a new phone. He has to work hard. Now Sonu is able to help so many people only because of his hard work year after year.

Earlier, Sonu handed over a smartphone to every student of Morni village in Haryana, an online class. Morni is a remote village in Haryana. The condition of the network in the village is very bad. In addition, most people do not have a smartphone. So students are forced to walk mile after mile outside the village to pick up other people's smartphones, so that online classes can be done.

Sonu Sood knew so much from a report written by a journalist. Just a day ago, he said that every student will get a smartphone tomorrow. The word did not break. The next day, the students of Koti Government Senior Secondary School in Morni region got their smartphones.

Sonu's friend Karan Gilhotra handed over the smartphones to the school principal. The actor also spoke in a video call with the excited students on that phone. Sonu retweeted and shared the video.


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