Remove this picture of mother Lakshmi now to maintain happiness and prosperity in the world, take a look at the position of the owl

BanglaHunt Desk: Goddess Lakshmi is considered as the Goddess of Wealth and Aishwarya. By the grace of mother Lakshmi, the wealth of the family flourished. Bengali Hindus mainly worship Goddess Lakshmi weekly every Thursday. However, wherever you put the picture of Goddess Lakshmi at home or in the seat of the deity, you must buy it by looking at some special signs. Then happiness, peace and financial prosperity prevail in the world.

Just as idol worship of Goddess Lakshmi is practiced, many people also worship Goddess Lakshmi by placing a picture of her in the seat of Thakur at home. Whether it is an idol or a picture, remembering mother Lakshmi with a concentrated heart does not disappoint the devotees. It is by his grace that financial prosperity and happiness prevail in the world.

Lord Vishnu's wife Lakshmi is an adored Hindu goddess. Mother Lakshmi is worshiped every Thursday in Hindu families. However, Goddess Lakshmi is very fickle. He does not stay in one place for long. So many times when Lakshmi Ganesha is worshiped together, happiness, peace, wealth and good intellect also arise.

Like all gods and goddesses, mother Lakshmi also has a vehicle. Mother Lakshmi's vehicle is the owl. Mother Lakshmi is worshiped in all the houses with the help of this vehicle owl. It is said that by connecting the owl with mother Lakshmi, happiness and peace will prevail in your family. But how do you know the exact location of the owl?

When choosing a picture of mother Lakshmi, always keep in mind exactly where the owl is in the picture. Such pictures should never be kept in the house where mother Lakshmi is sitting on the owl. If you keep such pictures in the house, you have to face financial loss. Don't buy pictures where mother Lakshmi is standing. The image of mother Lakshmi Devi always sitting on the lotus flower is considered auspicious. If you worship mother Lakshmi in such a picture, by the grace of Goddess, happiness, peace and financial prosperity will prevail in your family at the same time.

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