Remember the mother with the right mantra in the world, Goddess Annapurna will help

Bangla Hunt Desk: Another name of Annada Devi is Annapurna. The goddess holds a food bowl and a darbi in both hands. Goddess Raktavarna, Safarakshi, Stanavaranamra, Bichitra Basna, Nirat Annaprayadini and Bhavadukhahantri. The new moon is on the head of the goddess, the land is on one side and Sri is on the other side. This goddess was pleased to see the dancing Mahadev Shiva.

This puja is performed on the date of Shuklastami. Hindu people believe that if this goddess can be satisfied, there will never be a shortage of food in the house. The worship of this goddess is mentioned in Krishnananda's Tantrasara and Dakshinamurti Sanhita. This goddess is worshiped in West Bengal. Apart from that, Annapurna Puja and Annakut are performed at a famous temple of the Goddess in Kashi.

According to the Puranas, after getting married, Mahadev and Parvati lived a family life for some time and then faced food difficulties. Then after being reprimanded by mother Parvati, Baba Mahadev went out to beg. But due to the illusion of mother Parvati, he did not get alms and finally returned to Kailash and ate Palanna, Payes and Pithe. After this, Annapurna established a temple of Goddess in Kashi for the glory of the Goddess.

“Om sayudhayai sabhanayai salankarayai saparibarayai om hring annapurnayai parameshvaryai namah.” Worship mantra of Goddess Annapurna. After chanting this mantra, he worshiped the goddess, never lacking in food.

“Om raktang bichitra-basanang nabachandrachuramannapradannirtang stanvaranamram.”

Nrityantamindusakalabharanang bilokya hristang bhaje bhagavating bhavadukhahantrim: – The goddess's meditation mantra.

”Annapurne namastubhyang namaste parambike.

Deccan body is devotional in tacharucharan.

Annapurne sadapurne sankarapranaballave.

Gyanabairagyasiddhyarthang bhikshang dehi namohastute. '‘- The prostration mantra of the goddess.

Since then Hindus have been worshiping this goddess. If Goddess Annapurna can be satisfied, there is no shortage of food in the house.

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