Remember Baba Loknath in the face of danger, remember infinite strength and courage

BanglaHunt Desk: “In the forest, in the forest, in the forest, whenever there is danger, remember me” – Baba Loknath.

Although the preaching of Baba Loknath's glory in the life of Banga is not very old, Baba Loknath appeared about three hundred years ago. Baba Loknath had an extraordinary personality in human life. His infinite majesty is spread side by side.

This Trikalajna Mahayogi himself went on to instruct a hundred years after his death to propagate his lilakatha. The popularity of Loknath Pujo has been increasing since the late eighties He is believed to be part of Shiva. Therefore, like Shiva, the worship of Baba Loknath on Great Monday fills the life with peace and prosperity.

At an early age he became a disciple of Lord Ganguly. At the end of the upanishads, Loknath, Benimadhab and Lord Ganguly started the procession. After crossing various villages, towns, rivers and jungles, he first came to Kalighat and started practicing yoga. In this way, Loknath attained Brahmajnana by practicing yoga and making vows in different places at the behest of the Guru. Then began the country tour. He first came to Kabul from the Himalayas. There he learned theology of Islam by discussing various scriptures including the Qur'an and the Vedas with a Muslim named Mullah Saadi.

Later he returned to Bengal and an ashram was established. After hearing about Loknath Brahmachari's ashram, many devotees from all over the country started gathering. In a short time, my father's ashram became a pilgrimage site. For the sake of the devotees, his words were, “In war, in the forest, in the forest, whenever you are in danger, remember me.” Which his fans still adhere to.


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