Rekha broke up her marriage with Akshay, alleging multiple relationships with Shilpa and cheating

BanglaHunt Desk: Raveena Tandon has stepped into the world of acting in the nineties. She is like ‘Evergreen Beauty’. Whether on the big screen or in the teledunia, he roams freely everywhere. Everyone, young and old, is still overwhelmed by his smile.

At that time, Rabina will easily take the first place in the list of the most lascivious heroines. He has one hit song after another. In a yellow wet sari, ‘Tip Tip Barsha Pani’ or ‘Tu Chiz Bari Hadya Mast Mast’, Rabina made everyone sway.

At that time, the love of Rabina and Akshay Kumar (akshay kumar) was a matter of practice in Bollywood. Any news about this superhit couple would keep the page three busy. Akshay was even supposed to marry Rabina. Marriage is broken even after engagement. In the end it didn't happen anymore.

Rabina Tandon brought charges of cheating against the actor. He also claimed that Akshay had a relationship with Shilpa Shetty and Rekha. During the shooting of Khiladi Ka Khiladi, the actor continues to grow close to Rekha.

It was not long before Rabina heard the news. Rekha was threatened by him for associating with Akshay. In an interview, Rabina fired a cannon against the line. He complained that despite knowing that Akshay had a relationship with him, Rekha entered between them. On the other hand, he said, Akshay used to tolerate Rekha out of compulsion.

However, Akshay's closeness with the inevitable line did not last long. Shilpa Shetty occupied that place. Talking to Akshay on the shooting set. It is known that the actress saw Akshay for the first time on the set of Khiladi Tu Anari in Madhya. From there first friendship and then love. Akshay Shilpa was about for a long time.