'Red Hot' Nusrat offshold, viral image of Trinamool MP warming up

Bangla Hunt Desk: ‘SOS Kolkata’ starring Nusrat Jahan, Yash Dasgupta and Mimi Chakraborty is about to be released at midnight. Nusrat and Mimi are going to share the screen together for the first time after being elected as an MP. The teaser and trailer have already increased the excitement surrounding the movie. Just waiting for the hall to open.

The promotion of the film is going on the day before the release. This time the actress shared some pictures in the gap of that promotion. He has appeared in 'Red Hot' look. Lip painted red with matching red. It's hard enough to avoid the sight of his appealing eyes. Nusrat has shared several pictures with this look.

SOS Kolkata's new song 'Har Manbo Na' has been released recently. The style of the two has attracted special attention. Nusrat is wearing black leather pants and a jacket, while Nusrat is also wearing black low rise leather pants and a leather bralette. The two have appeared in a dazzling incarnation of the song.

Nusrat Jahan also shared some pictures of the song 'Black Leather' look. Black jeans, leather bralettes, exposed lean body pictures have gone viral at the moment. Nusrat Jahan has been captured in a bold avatar.

Nusrat is also going to be seen in a very 'bold' avatar in the film. From running a gun to a fight scene, the actress is watching. Especially in the picture his long bob cut hair has set a different dimension.

Nusrat said about this character, the heroines have never done such an action scene in Bengali films before. The subject is very challenging but he likes to play the role of Amanda very much. Nusrat shared the teaser on his social media handle.

Nusrat is going to share the screen with his first dear friend i.e. 'Bonu' Mimi Chakraborty after becoming an MP. From that point of view, the fans are very enthusiastic about the film. Earlier, Nusrat and Mimi were seen together in Criscross, Kello's Kirti.

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