Ravana is lying on the head of the ambulance, netizens are watching the VIDEO and want to know whether it has happened or not.

Bangla Hunt Desk: Dussehra means Navratri festival is one of the popular festivals celebrated all over the country. This festival is celebrated all over the country. And on the day of Dussehra, Ravana has been burning for decades. But this time the video of Ravana being taken away by ambulance before Dussehra is going viral on social media. IFS officer Sushant Nanda is sharing this funny video on his Twitter account.

Sharing this video, Sushant Nanda wrote in the caption, “Ravana is going to Corona Hospital by ambulance.” This video posted by Sushant Nanda is going viral on social media. Note that this video shows Ravana lying on top of the ambulance. However, it is a doll of Ravana. Looking at the video, it seems that Ravana is being taken somewhere in an ambulance.