Rajeev Sharma's arrest sparks outrage in China, India condemns Rajiv's side

Bangla Hunt Desk: Rajeev Sharma has recently been arrested for smuggling important information related to India's defense to China. Delhi's Special Cell has arrested Rajiv Sharma, a Delhi-based freelance journalist, for allegedly leaking all the country's secret information.

Arrested journalist

Despite being a journalist by profession, Rajiv Sharma, a freelance journalist from Delhi, has been accused of leaking important information on Indian defense and other matters to Chinese intelligence from 2016 to 2017. His writings were even published in the Chinese government's mouthpiece Global Times as anti-India and pro-Chinese, according to Delhi Police sources.

Transactions through moving money

Not only the secret information of India, but also the drugs made in India were smuggled to China. Rajiv Sharma was accompanied by a Chinese woman and a Nepali national. Their work was going on with the joint efforts of 3 people. For the last one year, they were transacting around Rs 4 million through various agents.

Chinese editor vocal in opposition to India

After the arrest of this horrific Indian, Hu Shijin, the editor of the Global Times, the mouthpiece of the Chinese government, has spoken out against India. In his words, ‘India is trying to buy its own name by dragging the Global Times with this incident. Delhi should not have linked Rajiv Sharma's name to the Global Times.

The Chinese editor did not stop there. He added, “The Global Times has published various reports on India-China tensions. But we know that some Indians are always eager to make us look down. However, such a move is not at all appropriate. At present, India is trying to divert the news of the border clashes by keeping Rajiv Sharma's case public.

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