Raj-Shubhsree in Pujo mandapa with young son in his lap, Yuvan in short pajamas-Punjabi

Banglahant Desk: The photo of Raj Chakraborty and Shubhshree Ganguly's son Yuvan Chakraborty (Yuvaan) went viral on social media on Ashtami. Netizens were captivated by the image of her sleeping face in short pajamas Punjabi. This time Raj has shared some pictures again.

However, this time the director has posted pictures not only of the boy but also of his wife Shubhshree. The actress was seen in a face mask, cream and peach colored salwar suit. Raj in Punjabi next door. Raj Shubhshree took his son in his arms and joined the puja in front of Durga Thakur. All those pictures are now viral on social media.

Sharing a picture of Yuvan sleeping on Ashtami, Shubhshree wrote on behalf of the boy, ‘Happy Ashtami. I’m sorry I’m getting too much sleep today. ’That picture of little Evan went viral on social media right away. Fans caress the comment box.

Incidentally, a few days ago, the age has passed one month. Right now, Yuvan will beat many stars in popularity. He has become a small star since birth. Yuvan, the son of Raj Chakraborty and Shubhshree Ganguly, has made everyone his fans since he was born.

The people of Netpara are now looking at this small diary. When you get a new picture of Yuvan from Raj or Shubhshree, there is a flood of like comments. Raj Shubhshree also shared new pictures and videos of Yuvan thinking about the fans.