Raj introduces little Yuvan to Kolkata in the sweet video viral netdunia

Banglahant Desk: Yuvan Ganguly, the son of Raj Chakraborty and Shubhshree Ganguly, has made everyone his fans as soon as he was born. This is retail
The people of Netpara are now looking at the diary. When you get a new picture of Yuvan from Raj or Shubhshree, there is a flood of like comments.

On the occasion of Sunday's holiday, a new video of little Evan has come out. He left the hospital and is now home with his mother. On Sunday morning, Yuvan woke up and got to know Kolkata with Baba Raj.

Raj Chakraborty introduces the boy to Kolkata in the morning through a pair of glass windows on the wall of the drawing room. Raj is trying to put the second Hooghly Bridge, Howrah Bridge, Sundarbans somewhere. Evan also sometimes looks at this unfamiliar world with big eyes and sometimes wakes up with a small hi.

Raj was seen calling the boy 'Simba'. At the same time, looking at the sleeping Kolkata in the morning, he was heard to say on behalf of Yuvan, “Everyone get up. I've been up for a long time. ” This video has been shared on behalf of Shubhshree's fan club. At the same time, Raj also shared this sweet video on social media.

Earlier, Raj shared a sweet video of his son on his Insta handle. Everyone smiled after watching that video.
As can be seen in the video, Raj is holding various youngsters in his arms and talking about various things. Sometimes he teaches her to say ‘hello’ and sometimes he caresses her and calls her ‘my baby’. In fact, Raj is talking fluently to attract the attention of the boy.

Shubhshree's voice is also heard next to him. On the other hand, Yuvan is looking at his father's face with big surprise. He looks at everything in the new world with amazement. This video is now viral on Netdunia.

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