Rahul Gandhi is a nervous leader, lacks qualifications: Barack Obama, former US President

BanglaHunt Desk: Former US President Barack Obama commented on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in his book. In ‘A Promised Land’, former US President Barack Obama has expressed his views on various US issues as well as various political leaders.

In the eyes of Obama, Rahul Gandhi is a man of 'navers' and 'messy' nature. Not only Rahul Gandhi, but also Sonia Gandhi, former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Russian President Vladimir Putin have expressed their views. He even talked about the current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi in a profile titled 'From Poverty to Prime Minister'.

Obama's statement

Obama has dubbed Russian President Vladimir Putin a “street smart boss.” He described former Indian President Manmohan Singh as “unwavering”.

He also commented on Narendra Modi

Regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi, former US President Barack Obama said, “Narendra Modi helped his family a lot by selling tea in tea shops with his father as a child. But he is also the head of the world's largest democracy. In this way, India's prospects for progress and activism have become much brighter.

Exceptional female politician Sonia Gandhi

Referring to Sonia Gandhi as an exceptional woman politician, she said, “We always talk about handsome men like Charlie Christ or Rahm Emanuel. However, the beauty of women is not discussed much in politics.

What did you say about Rahul Gandhi?

Calling former Congress president Rahul Gandhi a nervous leader, Obama said, “Rahul Gandhi is a nervous and disorderly person. He is a student who wants to attract the attention of the teacher through his studies. But he either lacks the ability to explain new things, or lacks agility. '