Raghunath temple being rebuilt after nearly 30 years across Kashmir

After the repeal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, peace has gradually begun to be established there. At least there is peace among the people. By establishing peace in Kashmir, the Indian government has come down with the aim of bringing back the lost heritage and Hindu Kashmiri heritage.

Raghunath temple will be renovated

After the construction work of the Ram temple started in Ayodhya recently, the government is now working on the renovation of the Raghunath Temple in Srinagar. The temple was set on fire 31 years ago after the idol of Lord Raghunath was smashed and dumped in the Jhilam river. This time the responsibility of renovating this temple and beautifying the Jhilam river ghat has been handed over to the state tourism department.

History of the temple

The temple of Lord Raghunath was built 180 years ago on the banks of the Jhilam River in Srinagar by Maharaja Ranveer Singh, the Dogra ruler. Many valuable manuscripts and religious texts were stored inside this temple. It is heard that there was a school with that temple. However, at present it is separated from the temple by a wall.

According to sources, they attacked the temple in 1969 due to the dislike of people from certain communities. Not only this, the temple was attacked again on February 24, 1990, April 13, 1991 and March 7, 1992. The idols of Rama and Sita were removed from the temple, and they were smashed and thrown into the Jhilam river. At the same time the temple was set on fire.

Kashmiris are overjoyed with the construction of the temple

Nearly 30 years later, the whole of Kashmir is happy with the government's recent decision to renovate the temple. Not only the Kashmiri scholars living there, but also the expelled Hindus are happy.


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