Rabindranath's poem Why India is afraid of PUBG if we are not afraid: China

BanglaHunt Desk: China has suffered huge losses due to PUBG ban. This time, Rabindranath Tagore is in the face of China, which has not been able to cope with the loss. Statement of leftist leaders of China Rabindranath's poem If we are not afraid why India is afraid of PUBG.

Rabindranath Tagore in china

After banning 59 apps in the first phase, the Chinese government has banned 118 Chinese apps in the second phase. These two lists include the most popular apps like Tiktok, pubg. Due to which the Modi government has been able to give a big push to the Chinese economy. And Rabindranath is now in the face of China lost in this economic push.

China's left government does not like Rabindranath very much. During Rabindranath's first visit to China in 1924, the leftists of that country did not get along well with Gurudev. Chinese leftist youth groups staged demonstrations at various speeches by world poets. But ordinary Chinese people and intellectuals paid homage to the first Nobel laureate in Asia. That popularity of Rabindranath in China is still intact.

According to Chinese leftist leaders, Rabindranath's poetry is very popular in China, they never think that Rabindranath's poetry is harmful to Chinese culture. Then why is India afraid of PUBG. They added that India's yoga is also very popular in China, so they are not suffering from insecurity.

Incidentally, in 1924, the Left government of China claimed that Rabindranath's poetry fascinated the youth and youth, so they would not welcome Gurudev. But even then, the government could not hurt Rabindranath's popularity, even today, 100 years later, they could not erase the world poet from the public mind. Indirectly, China admitted that!

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