Questions that the Narcotics Control Bureau can ask Deepika.

Bangla Hunt Desk: The Narcotics Control Bureau has stepped up its investigation after Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput's drug case came to light. This time the agency is focusing entirely on the Drugs Angle.

The case has caused a stir in the industry after the names of famous Bollywood actresses came up. The NCB will question Deepika Padukone on September 28 in the drugs case. Deepika is the biggest name in the drug case. He was in Goa for a movie shoot, after which he left Goa for Mumbai on Thursday after receiving a notice from the NCB.

The NCB has compiled a list of questions to ask him. The questions that NCB can ask Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone.

  • NCB can take all the information of her family from Deepika.
  • The NCB may want to know all the details about Deepika's mobile number and when it is being used.
  • NCB may also ask if he had any other mobile number in 2016.
  • NCB may also want to know how many years Karisma has been Deepika's talent manager.
  • Where did Karisma go shooting with Deepika?
  • Who organized the party at Coco Club in 2016? Which sacrifice star went to that party?
  • NCB may want to know about Deepika's leaked WhatsApp chat of 2016, even Amit and Shell, NCB may want to know about them.

This Bollywood superstar will also have to face many questions. Then NCB will decide what to do with Deepika. For now, we have to wait till the 28th.

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