PUBG is coming back! The big news was given by the South Korean agency

BanglaHunt Desk: A few days ago, the popular PUBG mobile game was banned with 118 more apps. As a result, the manufacturing companies have had to face huge financial losses. This time, Pubji Mobile Corporation, the manufacturer of Pubji, gave a big signal about the return of Pubji Mobile. By the way, the main company of Pubji is South Korean Blue Hole. They played the game together with China's Tencent game. Pubji is banned for adding Chinese

According to the Pubji Corporation, they know that the whole world is looking at this ban at the moment They have confirmed that Pubzi is going to sever all ties with China's Tencent Games. Soon they will shoulder all the responsibilities from the Chinese Tencent Company. As a result, China will have no relation with Pubji Mobile. Informed quarters see the possibility of the South Korean company returning to such an official statement.

Incidentally, any person can feel dizzy when they hear the amount of damage in PUBG ban. According to one statistic, the loss of China in one day is 10,23,54,60,000 rupees in Indian currency. In dollar terms, the loss is বিল 14 billion. The total loss so far is বিল 34 billion.

PUBG mobile earns crores of rupees every day from all over the world. By 2020, the global revenue of this online game is about 22 thousand crores. The highest income is from India. Indians account for 24% of all PUBG downloads worldwide. The ban on the game in India is a huge blow to the company's economy. So Pabji wants to leave the Chinese association and return to India as soon as possible

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