Prime Minister Narendra Modi used to burn the pages of his diary, on the advice of a friend, it became an ideal book.

Bangla Hunt Desk: Today is 16th September. Today is the 70th birthday of the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. This great leader of the country has retained his power as the Prime Minister of the country twice in a row. He never hesitated to take various challenging decisions for the betterment of the country. Despite hundreds of opposition, he remained steadfast in his decision.

At the international level, the Modi government is always ready to retaliate against the friendly country or the neighboring enemy country. However, this man who devoted himself to the service of the country is a real writer, many people are not aware of this. He has written several books at different times in his life. However, the most noteworthy is his diary, through which much is known about the life of Modi.

Today we go back to the age of adolescence. At that time he used to write diaries every day. Although he wrote a diary every day, after 6 to 8 months he would burn the pages of that diary. But one day Modi ji saw this work of his propaganda friend Narendra Bhai Panchsara. He then advised her not to burn the pages of this diary.


Later that diary became a book. The book mentions the thoughts of 37-year-old Modi. Modi ji is the name of that book ‘Witnessing’. In the words of Modi ji, “When I was 36 years old, my conversation with the mother of Jagadha Janani at that time is written in the language of poetry in this book”.

Modi has a special love for poetry. In his words, it is very easy to express in poetry the thoughts of the mind which cannot be expressed in prose. Apart from 'Sakshibhaba', several books written by Prime Minister Narendra Modi were also discussed.

Constellations – RSS In this book, Modi has highlighted the emotions of life.

Social harmony – In this book, starting from the thoughts of Modi ji's childhood life, today's thoughts are expressed.

Exam Warriors – This book of Prime Minister Modi was published last year. This book he wrote for students. In this book, he talks about overcoming the nervousness and stress during the exam, starting from the pre-exam preparation method.


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