Prime Minister Modi gave a big speech for the benefit of the people and gave a message regarding Corona vaccine

BanglaHunt Desk: From Navratri to Autumn Festival, festive atmosphere across the country. In the midst of the festival, the issue of not being able to increase the corona infection has become a big challenge. In this situation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation at 7 pm on Tuesday.

Even during the festive season, he warned the people not to take the corona infection lightly. Modiji said that the carelessness of extra joy during the festive season should not bring any danger. Until the success of the corona vaccine is discovered, we need to be careful. As soon as there is success in making the vaccine, arrangements will be made to reach all the people of the country quickly. So as long as there is no vaccine, no delay should be given.

Citing the example of other countries on the issue of Corona warning, the Prime Minister said that at present the situation of Corona in India is much better than in other countries of the world. The amount of recovery has also increased a lot. The rate of infection has also decreased. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that although the lockdown has progressed step by step, the epidemic has not yet been completely eradicated from the country. We have to keep in mind that we have not yet got the right vaccine.

He added that it is the festive season at the present time. So we need to be more careful at this time. We also went through Janata Karfur for a while. But today we are able to walk the streets a lot more independently. However, I have seen videos in multiple places, where there is still a lack of awareness among many people. But all people need to be more careful during this festive season.