Poonam Pandey went to the honeymoon and lodged a complaint with the police after being beaten by her husband.

BanglaHunt Desk: Poonam Pandey on the way to divorce less than a month after marriage. Poonam's complaint to the police against her husband Sam Bombay is that she should not go back to her husband Murray. So he decided to divorce.

Yes, that's right. Poonam's allegation that her husband Sam went to her honeymoon and tortured her unspeakably. Tumul beat him. Poonam claimed that the incident took place while honeymooning in Goa. There, the actress lodged a complaint with the police against her husband Sam Bombay.

According to Poonam, her relationship with Sam was always so tense. But he thought that if he got married, maybe his sense of entitlement would be strong. He would also lose his anger. But he was wrong. So Poonam decides never to go back to Sam.

Poonam told an all-India news outlet, “Sam and I had a problem. When it reached the exaggerated stage, it started beating me. It grabbed my throat so hard I thought I was going to die. He punched me in the face, grabbed my hair and knocked my head on the corner of the bed. He left me and tortured me. Somehow I got myself out of the house. When the hotel staff informed the police, he was taken away by the police. I have lodged a complaint. ”

Poonam's statement that she will not go back to the one who killed her like an animal. In his words, “I am not going back to him. I don't think it's right to go back to someone who has been tortured like an animal without any thought. I have endured a lot to keep the relationship going. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. I have decided to separate. I should move on now. ”

It is learned that Sam Bombay was granted bail on Wednesday with a compensation of Rs 20,000. Poonam and Sam were in South Bombay shooting a film. Sam has also removed all the pictures of the wedding and honeymoon shared from a few days ago from social media.

Incidentally, Poonam and Sam got engaged in the middle of the lockdown last July. Two months later, they got married with the consent of both of them. Like the engagement, the two of them got married secretly. Afterwards, the fans were overwhelmed to share Poonam's picture on social media.

Sam Bombay also shared his wedding photos with Poonam on social media. In the caption of the photo, he writes, “The beginning of living together forever.” He also posted a picture calling Poonam as Mrs. Bombay.