Police are arresting Bishwakarma Tagore? Learn the real secret of viral photography

Bangla Hunt Desk: A picture is going viral on social media today, showing a statue of Bishwakarma Tagore being taken away inside a police van. Pictures of the incident are rapidly going viral on social media, and many are defaming the West Bengal police for the incident. But is the police arresting Baba Bishwakarma at all? When we went down to investigate the incident, the real secret behind the picture came out.

We first check the details of the police vehicle on the internet to investigate this incident. We checked the details and found that the vehicle that went viral had a register in the name of ADDL.DIRECTO OF POLICE CID. The car was registered on May 10, 2002. And the car is now under the control of Kolkata Police as much as possible.

Then I searched on social media and found another picture, where it is seen that Bishwakarma Tagore is being worshiped inside a police van. The idol is being worshiped with devotion by decorating it in a beautiful way. Even bananas have been placed on two coconuts in the back of the car. Both the pictures are going viral on social media. But the picture of the first picture is being misinterpreted on purpose.

After observing two pictures, we realized that in the first viral picture, the door of the car was locked and the idol of Bishwakarma was taken away, but the idol was not arrested and taken away. Probably the policemen bought the idol of Bishwakarma and left for the police station to worship at the police station. However, although the second picture was of a different police vehicle, it was made clear that the idol of Bishwakarma was being taken for worship.


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