Poisoned packets sent to Trump, US President escapes authorities

BanglaHunt Desk: Presidential election in America next November. Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden is in the running for the presidency. These two great leaders of America are carrying on their preaching work like themselves in Corona. No one is reluctant to leave even a hair.

Toxic parcels sent to Trump

But before the election, a terrible thing happened in America. Someone gave a poisoned parcel to US President Donald Trump. But the death of that gift was examined by officials before it went to Trump. In general, all parcels arriving at the White House are checked first. Suspected parcels are kept separate.

Tests revealed the existence of toxins

U.S. law enforcement officials thwarted the plan to poison Trump. A parcel arrives in the name of President Trump, White House officials said. When it was tested, it was found to contain a deadly poison called ricin. Immediately the parcel is separated from other things and the poison is neutralized.

Where is this poison used?

Officials said the White House was the first to examine any paper bar parcels. Parcels, letters are sent to the President only after checking everything. This resin is a very deadly poison. This poison is made from castor oil and the person on whom it is applied dies within 36 to 72 hours. It is mostly used in powder, tablet or acid form. Such poisons are mostly used in terrorist attacks.

An investigation is underway

A U.S. law enforcement official told the American Network that the parcel, which arrived for President Trump, may have come from Canada. However, everything is being investigated as to where this parcel came from and who sent it.

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