Pig enters the metro station while balancing on the ball, great viral video

Viral videos: Lots of animal videos go viral every day. But recently a video has gone viral which has caught the eye of netizens. Piglets are entering the metro station while balancing on football.

The current era is the era of social media. Every day something viral is happening in the net world. Some of the posts that went viral give us joy. We are shocked to see so many viral videos. But this video of a piglet is as sweet as it is incredible.

It is known that this video is from one of the metro stations in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. The caption of the video reads “Outing Pinky, the first Tokyo station!”.

In the video, a piglet named Pinky is seen balancing on a ball and crossing an AFC gate with a ticket in his mouth. The video went viral after it was posted online. Already gained more than 8 million views. Besides, there is a flood of like comments.

Although it was later found out that the video was completely fake. The entire video was created by computer graphics. The builders said “This is a virtual micro piggy! Pinky is a special pig, so please don't imitate other animals. “


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