One more step towards self-reliance; This time bikes made in India will run on the roads of Europe

One more step towards becoming self-reliant is India. Until now, bikes used to come to India from abroad. This time the ‘Made in India’ bike Jawa will run on the roads of Europe by reversing that calculation.

Jawa standard bike launch is also in the European market. It looks similar, but the name of this bike in Europe is 300 CL Jawa is going to change this bike a lot as the standards of India and Europe are different.

According to European law, this bike has euro4 engine instead of India's bs6. The 300 CL bike has a 294 cc liquid cooled engine. There is 22.5 bhp at 6 thousand rpm.

The 300 CL bike has a torque of 25 Nm at 5650 rpm. Although in this case the Indian bike is much stronger. The Java 300CL has disc and drum breakers with single channel ABS.

In addition, the Indian model has got a pair of disc brakes with dual channel ABS. Besides, all the parts of the bike are like the Indian bike. It has telescopic forks on the front with 18 and 17 inch wheels on the back and monoshock.

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