Oli's country chanted “Go back China” against Chinese construction, saying they were all our territory.

Bangla Hunt Desk: China has built 9 buildings in the humla area of ​​Nepal. And this time there have been violent protests in Nepal. Protesters chanted “Go Back China” and “Follow China” with banners. Protesters' posters depict Chinese construction in Nepal.

According to Nepali media reports, China has built nine buildings in Humla district. They have also uprooted all the border pillars of Nepal. Even no Nepali is being allowed to enter there. One of the nine buildings has Chinese soldiers in it. The rest are still empty. “China is now claiming the area as its own,” the head of the village panchayat in Namkha village told Nepal's Kathmandu Post.

Nepal's Interior Ministry may soon issue a report on this. A team from the Home Ministry will make a report after visiting the area. The Chinese embassy in Nepal has responded. A spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu said, “China and Nepal are allies. China has always respected Nepal's sovereignty and territorial integrity. ”

He added that the buildings mentioned in the media were built in China. Nepal can once again verify on its own behalf. The Chinese spokesman added that there is no dispute between China and Nepal over the border. The two countries have always been in touch with each other on border issues.