Odisha's Shoaib Aftab averages 720 in 620, NEET exam record

Shoaib Aftab from Orissa passed the NEET exam with a record number. He got 100 percent marks in the All India Medical Entrance Examination i.e. 720 out of 620 marks. He set this record as the first candidate.

Shoaib is the son of a business family in Rourkela. Dad is a construction businessman. He is the first member of the family to choose medicine as his profession. He prepared for this entry from Kota in Rajasthan.

Shoaib said his father's business suddenly deteriorated. At that time he could not think how to go to Kota to study. When the father left the tea business and started a construction business, their economic situation returned.

Shoaib said he got full support from his family. Speaker Om Birlao congratulated him on meeting him.

The first test was held on September 13 this year in Corona. Corona also admitted more than 14.36 lakh candidates in the situation. Counseling will start after the results come out.

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