Observe all these rules on Bhoot Chaturdashi, good luck will come home

BanglaHunt Desk: There is a creepy thing involved with bhoot chaturdashi. Although not disclosed, many may be afraid of a little spread these days. But not to mention, this is a day of panic for young children. On this day the ancestors of man are believed to have come down to earth. Bengalis try their best to satisfy them.

Attempts are made to satisfy them by eating fourteen vegetables, lighting fourteen lamps, etc. That is why it is very important to follow some rules on this day. Whatever he did, he was freed from the influence of evil spirits. Let's find out now.

Bhoot Chaturdashi (bhoot chaturdashi) and Kali Pujo sweep after these two evenings, it is believed that mother Lakshmi is being evicted from the house. So it is better not to do any work with broom after these two days in the evening.

Besides, it is believed that evil spirits, evil spirits, i.e. evil spirits reside in the graveyards with different crematoriums on these two nights. That is why it is not advisable to visit these places on these two nights. Otherwise, the possibility of loss of family including self-harm remains.

During these two days, the house has to be illuminated by lighting a lamp. At the same time, peace should be sought in the house by expelling all evil forces. Many people say goodbye to Alakshmi in the new moon and accept mother Lakshmi and worship the goddess in devotion.