Nusrat's black lingerie, black lipstick photoshoot, troll netizen calling Trinamool MP a 'witch'

BanglaHunt Desk: Black leather pants, jacket, black underwear, black lipstick, Nusrat Jahan is like 'Black Beauty'. In the new photoshoot, the Trinamool (TMC) MP has captured this incarnation. Although she has been seen in Bold Look many times before, the actress has set a unique level of courage with black lipstick.

Nusrat Jahan has been seen doing some new photoshoots recently. Sometimes with wet hair, crop top and sometimes with colorful bangles, she dazzled the eye. But this time Nusrat in a completely different form. Leaving the shell of the sweet girl, caught in a hot, bold avatar.

Dear friend and darling 'Bonu' Mimi Chakraborty can't take her eyes off Nusrat. In the comment, he wrote, ‘Ahaha Black Rose’. Netizens also see the shocked actress MP in this form. Many people say that wearing black lipstick is not for everyone. But Nusrat is carrying this look well enough.

Of course, not all comments are commendable. Nusrat did not get rid of the trolls like every time. Some netizens have started laughing and joking about his new look. Some even called Nusrat a 'witch'. Of course, as always, the actress did not feel the need to pay attention to all this.

Nusrat is busy with new pictures, MP's activities. His next film ‘SOS Kolkata’ is awaiting release in Pujo. Ekushey's vote will start at the end of the year. Nusrat is now quite well acquainted with the political turmoil. Besides acting, he is also sharpening his political skills. All in all, Nusrat Jahan has no time to catch his breath now.


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