Nusrat scoffs at BJP over 'love jihad'

Banglahant Desk: Trinamool (TMC) MP and actress Nusrat Jahan has so far understood how to handle both the responsibilities of an MP in the same rhythm with acting. Whether it is shooting or hot photoshoot or sharp political speech on the stage, he is handling both.

This time, Nusrat again hurled insults at the BJP on the issue of 'love jihad'. For some time now, the country has been in turmoil over several incidents of 'love jihad' in different parts of the country. Several BJP states have also been seen to be active in curbing profit jihad. The Yogi government is even going to make special laws for this purpose. This time Nusrat is vocal in this context.

The Trinamool MP actress came to the inauguration of Pujo, a world leader in Kolkata on Saturday. Addressing the BJP there, he remarked, “Profit and jihad can never be one. Who I love or don't love is entirely up to me. I would advise the BJP to understand that love is personal. They should also learn to love. '

Nusrat Jahan got married to his close friend Nikhil Jain two years ago. He gave his first speech in Parliament like a newly married Hindu bride wearing a vermilion in Sindhi after a heavyweight marriage. As soon as the video was released, Hindutva and fundamentalists erupted in anger. Why dress like Hindus for different religions? Why the vermilion in Sindhi? Multiple questions arose. But Nusrat did not pay attention.

Even now Nusrat has to face criticism from time to time. From paying homage to Ashtami to greeting Vijaya Dashami, sarcasm flew towards him. However, like every time, Nusrat did not respond to any discussion or criticism.

In his words, “When I go to the shrine, no news media spreads it. But when it comes to Hindu ceremonies, there is criticism. I am the daughter of a Bengali Muslim family. But I am secular. First of all I am a Bengali. And I can love in a secular way. ”