Nostalgic quail on Vijaya Dashami, looks back at the old pujo of Mallick's house, viral video

Banglahant Desk: Today is Vijaya Dashami. Today is the last day of the four-day Durga Puja. So naturally everyone's mind is crying today. This year, Mallikbari was closed to the public due to Corona. This time on the tenth day, Koel Mallick reminisced on social media about Pujo of the old Mallick house.

On Dashmi, Koel has gone back to the old days by walking the path of memory. On social media, he shared some glimpses of the old pujo of the Mallick house for the fans. In that old video, the little quail is seen. Veteran actor Ranjit Mallick has also been seen dancing to the beat of drums.

In another video, Coyle said that as a child, brothers and sisters used to go to Northern Park in front of their house during Pujo. Going there, he shared all the memories of eating phukka and chatting with netizens.
Although Mallick's house is closed for the general public this time, Koel and her husband Nispal have posted pictures of the house deity. Not only that, the actress released the first picture of the boy on the occasion of this pujo.

On the eighth day, Koyal posted a picture with her husband Nispal Ran. He took the boy in his arms and caught him on camera with a smile on his face. The actress further said that they have named the boy Kabir. This picture went viral as soon as it was posted.

Koel Mallick became a mother last May. She gave birth to a beautiful son. Remarkable Koel and Nispal Singh Rane shared this good news on their wedding anniversary.

Soon after becoming a mother, the entire Mallick family, including Koel, became infected. Coyle himself tweeted the news. A sample of saliva juice was taken on the 18th. Recently, that report also came positive for Koel, Deepa Mallick and Nispal Ran. However, Ranjit Mallick's report came negative for the second time.

Coyle was seen in the movie Mitin Aunty before the lockdown. Then his new film Raktarahasadhya was released recently. The film received a good response at the box office.