Nokia, Mill NASA is going to build a 4G network on the moon

4G network will be formed in the chest of the moon. NOKIA got the same contract from NASA. It is learned that Nokia has got this contract worth 14.1 US dollars.

NASA has announced that it has selected a number of businesses to develop a variety of technologies for the moon. Significantly, they awarded the contract to build a 4G cellular communication network on the Nokia Moon. Of the Space Agency's ৭ 360 million Artemis project, Nokia is expected to receive 14.1 million.

"The system can support lunar surface communications over greater distances, increase speed and provide greater reliability than current standards," NASA noted in its agreement.

According to the United Press International, NASA Administrator Jim Brydenstein said in a live broadcast that if the astronauts were to achieve their goal of working on the moon by 2026, the space agency would have to quickly develop new technology to live and work on the moon. NASA is building this new network for its purpose.

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