Nobel made ugly comments about Narendra Modi on Facebook! The Indians roared in protest

Bengali Hunt Desk: Mainul Ahsan Noble (Mainul Ahsan Noble) The name seems familiar? The Bengalis of Epar and Opar Bengal, who were in a frenzy over Saregamapa of G-Bangla, again engaged in the debate. Nobel laureate from Zee Bangla has come up in the headlines with controversial remarks from the beginning. This time, he made controversial remarks about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which has angered Indian Bengalis.

In a recent post on Facebook, he sparked controversy by making derogatory remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He posted on Facebook, “If I don't have a scandal, who will?” Narendra Modi with tea? Will anyone see the tea-waller scandal? ” The Indians could not bear the insulting remarks about the Prime Minister of India while trying to make themselves big. So they went to his Facebook wall and raised a storm of protest.

Earlier, he had objected to the national anthem of Bangladesh written by world poet Rabindranath Tagore. He even demanded to change the national anthem of Bangladesh written by Ravi Tagore. Even after his remarks, there was a procession at Dhaka University demanding change of songs written by Rabindranath.

Not only that, this rising singer of Bangladesh is accused of stealing songs, cheating and even having sex with a teenager. Not only did he make headlines by singing, but he also made headlines by making controversial comments and acting. However, this time the comment is more controversial. Because he has made vulgar remarks about a head of state and Indians cannot accept it.


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