Newly cremated crematorium in Howrah collapsed before inauguration, video goes viral on social media

Bangla Hunt Desk: Before the inauguration, the video of the collapse of the newly built crematorium went viral on social media. On this day, the newly constructed crematorium in Hirapur area of ​​Sankrail in Howrah collapsed. However, no one was injured in the incident. The crematorium, built on the banks of the Ganges, was flooded for several days. Two days ago, part of the newly built crematorium collapsed. And today, on Sunday, the whole crematorium collapsed like a jar of cards. The incident has spread panic among the jail locals.

Daipayan Naskar

According to the locals, there has been a crematorium in the area for about 56 years. This crematorium has been flooded many times before. Still the place stood. But a year and a half ago, the district council headed by the local Trinamool Congress (All India Trinamool Congress) started the work of renovating the crematorium. And it collapsed before the inauguration.

Locals have complained from the outset that substandard materials were being used in the construction of the crematorium. Locals say grassroots leaders take huge bribes from construction contractors, which is why contractors use substandard materials. And as a result, this crematorium has collapsed.

However, Trinamool Congress district council member Priya Pal has denied all the allegations. He said substandard materials were not used. The allegations of the locals are completely false. He also said that if the incident is investigated, he is ready to face all investigations.

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