Newcomer Ayushman's mother broke the bottle on the full stage and kicked Shah Rukh in the back! Old video goes viral on Netdunia

Banglahant Desk: One old video after another has gone viral since the protests against Bollywood's nepotism started. The video of such an old award show has gone viral where Shah Rukh Khan has been seen making fun of Ayushmann Khurrana.

This video is from the 2013 IIFA Awards. Ayushman won the award for Best Debut Actor for the film 'Vicky Donor'. Shah Rukh Khan and Shahid Kapoor were in charge of presenting the show. On the stage, Shahid asked Shah Rukh, “Brother Shah Rukh, isn't the number of newcomers a little higher this time?” In reply, Shah Rukh said, “Yes, these newcomers are coming out in the same way as in the rainy season.”

Then Shahid said, nowadays anyone comes to be an actor. At that time Sushant Singh Rajput caught the focus of the camera. Notably, Shahid Kapoor is the son of veteran actor Pankaj Kapoor and former actress Neelima Anjim.

After that, Shahid said, you have to take an exam if you want to enter the profession. There is a system of passing. The same should happen in the acting industry. He added that newcomers should be brought to the stage and given 'education'. In it, Shah Rukh said, newcomers should not be raised too much. That is their loss.

Then when Ayushman was called on the stage, he climbed the stairs and put his hand on the stage and bowed. Then Shah Rukh is seen saying, “You are bowing in the wrong place”. Then Ayushman also bowed at his feet with his hands. Not only that. Shah Rukh broke a glass bottle on his head in front of everyone on the stage.

After that, Shah Rukh was seen kicking Ayushman for taking him to the hospital. This ‘funny’ video from the IIFA stage was shared on social media. However, all these shows can be heard as 'scripted'. Everything is planned in advance.

But despite this, netizens have raised the question, whether scripted or honest newcomers are called on the stage in this way. Harassed? Earlier, Sushant's gym partner Sunil Shukla had said that Shah Rukh told Sushant on the award show after Kai Po Che that he would still ask about Sushant's struggle on stage. Mention his picture. But in reality, Shah Rukh humiliated him by doing the opposite. Sushant was very sad about this.