New video of Indo-China clashes comes to light, see how the soldiers of the two countries are attacking each other

Bangla Hunt Desk: Tensions between India and China have been simmering over the past four to five months along the Line of Actual Control in East Ladakh. It is heard that the armies of the two countries have come face to face with each other. Negotiations are underway between the two countries to reduce tensions. But so far no permanent solution has been reached to these talks. And this has created a situation of war on the border. Meanwhile, the Chinese media has released a video showing Indian and Chinese troops fighting against each other. This video is Kabekar, it is not known yet.

The video was released by the Chinese media agency South China Morning Post. This is a 1 minute 59 second black and white video. The video clearly shows that the armies of the two countries have clashed with each other. And they are attacking each other with sticks, kicks and punches.

It is claimed that this video is from the Galwan Valley area. According to the video, some Indian soldiers have rifles on their shoulders. But they are not attacking with that gun. Chinese military sources said the video was released a few months ago. Although we could not prove the authenticity of this video.

In the second week of June, there was a massive clash between India and China in Galway. About 20 Indian soldiers were killed in the clashes. It was claimed that about 50 Chinese soldiers were killed in the attack. The clashes took place on the banks of the Galwan River. It is heard that many soldiers lost their lives due to falling into the cold water of the river. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Leh on June 3 amid tensions with China, where he met with army personnel.


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