New chapter of life is starting, Madhubani came out publicly with baby bump, tumultuous viral picture

BanglaHunt Desk: Truth is all speculation. Actress Madhubani Goswami is going to be a mother. After indirectly giving good news on social media, this time the actress came out in public with baby bump. The photo went viral in an instant.

Madhubani's clear baby bump is understood in the picture. Swami Raja Goswami is also there. Happiness and joy are overflowing in the eyes of both of them. Posting the picture, Madhubani wrote in the caption, ‘A new chapter of life is about to begin. Bless everyone. Everyone will be fine, stay healthy. '

Recently, the actress posted several pictures in a row. After seeing the caption, the fans understood that a new member is coming to the Goswami family very soon. Speculation culminated.

For example, Madhubani shared a picture of little Ganesha in Parvati's lap and wrote, 'See you soon'. With that a baby emoji. The actress also posted a picture of the little Gopal idol. He wrote in the caption, ‘Send Radharani to me or you come. Which is happy. I love you. '

Pictures of themselves could not be left out. Madhubani posted a selfie with her husband. He said that they are going to fall in love once again. But this time not with each other. Madhubani also shared an old photo of their wedding and said that she thought she would celebrate Karwa Chauth from this year. But not for a very special reason. But do it from next year.

In fact, the fans took it in pairs. Madhubani cannot fast all day because she is pregnant. So cancel this year’s plan. In the meantime, good wishes have descended on the couple's social media handles. Actors and actresses including Madhubani and Raja filled the pair with good wishes.

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