Never marry such a woman; Says Acharya Chanakya

Marriage fills the lives of two people. Husband and wife complement each other and share all the smiles and tears of life. But choosing the wrong spouse can make life poisonous. In his book, Chanakya elaborates on the issues that men should keep in mind when choosing a wife.

Among the great people who were born on Indian soil, Chandragupta Vikramaditya's Prime Minister Chanakya Pratah is memorable. Yet no man like him, a politician, a diplomat, a war expert and an economist, has ever been born on Indian soil. Although Chandragupta was the general secretary, he was the real driving force of the empire. From Chandragupta's accession to the throne to the smooth rule of the state are all the fruits of his fertile mind.

The beauty of the mind is real
Chanakya has emphasized more on her mental beauty than the bride is not beautiful or beautiful. Living with a beautiful mind becomes very easy. But the ugly mind of the wife poisons the world.

Family information of the bride:
All the information about the bride's family is very necessary. Because the family has created the mental structure of the girl, so if you know about the bride's family, you will know a lot about her.

Behavior of the bride:
Chanakya forbade rude speaking women to marry. Besides, he is also forbidding the liar to marry. At the same time, he has refused to engage in marriage with a woman whose nature is shady. At the same time, Chanakya forbade atheists and ignorant housewives to marry men, which is not right in today's world.


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