Netdunia is shocked to see a huge backflip retail, viral video on a moving train

viral video: In this age of the Internet, no one, big or small, has a hidden talent. Many talents have become popular overnight due to viral videos in Netdunia. Recently, a stunt video of a small child has spread on social media.

Anyone watching this video is surprised. The video shows a child wearing a red T-shirt and black shorts performing an amazing stunt inside a moving train. He has no shoes on his feet. He has gone viral by backflipping inside a moving train in a stunning style.

The video of the child balancing and backflipping on a moving train is going viral on social media. The video has been shared from an account named Arif on Instagram. Seeing this, the net people have become five-faced in praise.

The video is made using slow-motion effects so that the backflip is clearly visible. 3 lakh netizens have watched this viral video. As everyone says, stunts like backflips are extremely difficult to do. Khude has made the impossible possible by showing it on a moving train. Check out the viral video

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