Netdunia changed the fate again, a viral picture was painted on the face of the unfortunate old man

viral photo: A few days ago, a viral video brought back smiles on the faces of old people in 'Baba Ke Dhaba'. This time, the old man smiled again.

Revanna Sidappa, a 69-year-old man, was selling a variety of medicinal plants along a road in Bangalore. He used to sell saplings on the street. After that picture went viral, a few residents gave him a table, a chair and an umbrella.

She said her sales have skyrocketed since her picture went viral. He has been selling saplings on the streets for the last 3 years but never sold so much. He said if he gets loan help from someone, he can grow the business.

A few days ago, the 60-year-old artist's information was shared on Twitter through an account named Arif Sheikh. Arif said that the name of this veteran artist is Sunil Pal. He sells pictures outside Axis Bank in Kolkata's Gol Park.

Arif added that his children had kicked him out of the house. At the moment he sells pictures on the sidewalk to fill his stomach. Arif requested in the net world, these pictures cost only 50 to 100 rupees. Netizens should buy pictures and help him.