Nepali things were being made under Indian license, spices worth lakhs of rupees were seized as soon as they were caught

Bangla Hunt Desk: Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh) Gorakhpur Magistrate and SDM Sahajanwan Anuj Malik got the news that spices are being made for Nepal with the license of Uttar Pradesh. Upon receiving the news, a team from the Food Safety Department conducted a surprise raid on a factory in Gidar on Wednesday.

Police conducted the operation on the basis of the allegations

A complaint was lodged with the Joint Magistrate of Uttar Pradesh alleging that AS Foods and Beverages, operating in Gida Sector 13, was making spices under state license and sending them to Nepal. Based on the complaint, the Joint Magistrate Food Safety Officer Pratima Tripathi and the Tehsildar directed to inspect the spot.

Spices worth lakhs of rupees were recovered

A team conducted the operation on Wednesday under the direction of the officers. During the operation, packets of 200 grams of turmeric powder and 100 grams of chilli powder were recovered from the factory. In all, about 8.60 quintals of turmeric powder and 3.40 quintals of chilli powder were recovered from the spot with a current market value of about Rs 1.01 lakh.

Sacks of dried lentils were also confiscated

About 100 sacks of dried chillies were also found in the warehouse. The price is about 2.50 lakh rupees. The seller said that the dried lentils were spoiled due to the lockdown. So these have to be discarded. The expedition team also confiscated the 100 sacks of dried chillies and ordered immediate destruction.

The factory was closed

All the spice packets recovered had state license numbers written on them. Besides, there was also writing about sending it to Nepal. This team of expedition has confiscated all the spices. He also informed the factory owner that he would not be able to prepare any spices in his factory until he got the central license.


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