Narendra Modi makes big changes in working rules, IT industry calls 'game changer'

Narendra Modi has made a big change in the way India works. This time, IT and BPO companies have taken steps to relax the guidelines to enable permanent employees in the work from home. And the IT industry has hailed the government's move as a game changer. The decision they are making will create millions of jobs in small towns.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday announced a number of steps aimed at building 'easy business' and India as a technology hub. In line with this, the government has simplified the guidelines for other service providers or OSPs in the telecom department, a move that would reduce the burden on the IT and BPO industry.

Reacting to Modi's decision, Devjani Ghosh, president of software company NASSCOM, said the decision was one of the turning points in the game. This is going to be a strategic feeling for the industry and will significantly increase India’s competitive advantage. This will enhance India's position. This decision will bring more investment as a strategic IT hub for the world. ”

Wipro chairman Nishad Premji also called it a long-term and far-sighted idea. Tech Mahindra also lauded the decision. Let me inform you that Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for a self-reliant India in the wake of the Ladakh tensions. Part of it is the Modi government bringing about special reforms in India's economy and way of working. So that foreign investment in the country increases and a lot of employment is created.