Nake Ya Nath, ‘Red Hot’ Madhumita in deep cleavage, took the world by storm with bold pictures

BanglaHunt Desk: Actress Madhumita Sarkar is shaking social media in one bold avatar after another. Madhumita has undergone a dramatic change to leave the series and enter the big screen. You will no longer find that old bird in his midst. This new honeymoon is more gorgeous, more bold.

Many people know that Madhumita is very active on social media. Fans are always sharing new pictures or videos. Madhumita's fan following on Instagram has crossed 7 lakh.

This time, the actress has captured a local incarnation. Madhumita was captured on camera with a red sari, a blouse, a big nose and a small red tip on her forehead. Clear deep cleavage in the gap of the blouse. Expressing his love for Lal, he wrote in the caption, “Don't let Laltuku stay”.

Don't share pictures on viral social media. The number of likes has already crossed the 50,000 mark. Fans can't take their eyes off Madhumita. The actress's film is full of praise.

Incidentally, actress Madhumita Sarkar has spent a long time at home since the lockdown. Then when the situation is normal he went back to shooting life. But the whole time the traveling soul of Madhumita was running away. So the 'bird' flew to the mountain to get a little gap.

Going there, the actress shared one picture and video after another. He went alone to tour. Madhumita said that she prefers to be alone in such a way. So the knowledge of responsibility also brought him sixteen. The actress shared some moments of the trip with the fans in the video.

Incidentally, Madhumita's popularity peaked from the Sabinay Nibedan series. In this serial, she played the role of a daughter of a non-Bengali family. Then Kusum Dolar's Emon doesn't understand, he doesn't understand, its bird brings him great fame.

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