My father is a driver by profession, he has been an IS officer for only 21 years

Bengali Hunt Desk: Only 21 years old, the poorest family has had to fight against adversity since childhood. After overcoming all obstacles, 21-year-old Ansar Ahmed Sheikh passed the most difficult exam in UPSC. In 2015, he has achieved the 361st position in the all-India examination.

Ansar lives in a small village called Jalna in Maharashtra. Dad is a driver by profession. My mother worked as a sharecropper. Financial solvency was never there. There have been times when you have not eaten more than once a day. Even his father once wanted to stop studying Ansar due to poverty. Let the boy earn his living and take the helm of the world, this was his wish.

Besides Ansar, he has two more brothers and two sisters at home. Ansar's father did not earn more than 100-150 rupees daily by driving an auto. ‘The family did not depend on what their parents earned. As a result, my relatives persuaded my father to stop my studies. When my father went to the school and told the teachers about it, they told my father that it would not be right for me to stop studying, 'said Ansar.

After passing Class XII, Ansar started mentally preparing for the UPSC exams. But it is also important to stand by the family. That's why he took a job as a waiter in a hotel. He used to hand over whatever he earned while working there to his parents. He used to prepare for exams in his spare time. Finally, in the UPSC examination of 2015, he got the 361st place. Ansar is currently the OSD officer under the West Bengal government.