Must be naked in exchange for working on the film! Allegations of indecency against Sajid Khan are model

BanglaHunt Desk: Casting couch is a difficult and dark truth in the film industry, Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood stars have repeatedly spoken about this. Many stars have opened their mouths more than once about getting a bad offer in the name of giving a chance to act in a new film.

In 2016, in front of a Telugu film office in Hyderabad, southern actress Shri Reddy protested topless against the casting couch. At that time there was a lot of debate and discussion about this incident. But he could not be suppressed.

Even after that, many stars have repeatedly spoken out against sexual harassment in Bollywood. One such model is Dimple Paul. He brought charges of sexual harassment against director Sajid Khan. He alleged that the director asked him to be naked in return for working on the film.

The model alleged that Sajid Khan told her to be naked instead of working on the houseful film. He was only 18 at the time. Dimple alleged that he treated her indecently. But at that time he could not open his mouth for fear. Recently, Dimple became vocal against Sajid Khan on social media.

This is not the first time. Rachel made explosive allegations against the director early last year. He said that Sajid called him to his house to work on Hamshackles film. The place of a main actress in that film was vacant. At first, Rachel refused to go to the director's house. But Sajid said his mother was at home.

But the actress did not see anyone present at the house as she said. Rachel alleges that Sajid first asked her if her 'cleavage' was real. He then told her to take off her clothes. Sajid's statement was that he wants to see how Rachel looks in a bikini because there are a few bikini shoots in the picture.

Rachel countered that she had already sent a picture of her bikini shoot to Sajid. Undeterred, the director said that Rachel would get a job in the film if she could arouse him in five minutes. After that the actress came out of the house. Many stars were vocal in coming to light about this incident of Sajid. Akshay Kumar dropped him from his Housefull 4 film work. Bipasha Basu also moved away from Hamshackles.


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