Muslims have improved under the BJP rule, said Zafar Sareshwala, opposing the Congress

BanglaHunt Desk: Former Chancellor of Maulana Azad National University Zafar Sareshwala has expressed his views on the current debate on secular politics in the country and the BJP. He said AIMIM of Asaduddin Waisi had contested for only 20 seats in Bihar. Muslim society has been saying for many years that there is no neutral or communal party in the country.

Industrialist Zafar Sareshwala advised Muslims that it was a big mistake to consider the Congress party as a neutral party. They only know the process of getting votes from Muslims well. But does not give them respect. It did not happen otherwise in Bihar. Out of 243 seats, 19 Muslim MLAs were elected. Of which 5 from AIMIM and 1 from BSP, a partner of the alliance.

Then he said, if Asaduddin Waisi was not a Muslim candidate would have been given a ticket? It would never be right to consider Congress as secular. Meanwhile, the Muslim community in Gujarat is the most socially and economically prosperous. Because there has been BJP rule for the last 25 years. The Muslim communities in West Bengal, Assam and then Bihar are the least prosperous. Because the BJP government has not come to power in Bengal yet and in 2016 the first BJP government came to power in Assam. Nitish Kumar is in Bihar.

Supporting Asaduddin Waisi's statement, he said that the Congress thinks that their leaders will wear Muslim hats, eat biryani and understand that all Muslim votes will go to them, but it will not work anymore. Muslims understand this very well, none of these groups belong to them.