Mumbai Police will take up the case filed against 20 foreign nationals of Tabligh Jamaat

Bangla Hunt Desk: In a case involving the Tablighi Jamaat in Mumbai, the Mumbai Police told a local court that the murder and attempted murder charges filed against 20 foreign nationals would be withdrawn. On April 10, two cases were filed against 10 Indonesians and 10 Kyrgyz nationals at the DN Nagar police station. Foreign nationals approached the Sessions Court against these two cases. Although the Additional Chief Justice dismissed the application of foreign nationals. He said the case should be heard in another court. He also directed to complete the hearing of the case within a month.

Two separate cases were transferred to a court last month. In their application to the Additional Chief Justice, the foreign nationals said that the court was not hearing their case on the pretext of being engaged in another case. During the hearing of the case, Justice SS Sawant said that 20 foreign nationals are stuck in India due to the lockdown. And that is why the hearing of this case needs to be completed soon. Amin Solkar, a lawyer for foreign nationals, said the foreigners who have been sued in India had come to visit India with their wives.

He said if no verdict was announced in the case immediately, they would face many problems in the future. During the hearing of the case, the court said that the hearing of this case should be completed within a month.

Last month, Bandra police filed two cases against 12 Indonesians. It was said in the case that there was not enough evidence to prove guilt against the accused. They were blamed for spreading corona in the state and increasing deaths as a result of corona.

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