Mumbai police involved in Sushant Kand! Serious allegation of forcibly signing a suicide statement

Banglahant Desk: In the last two and a half months, the mystery of Sushant Singh Rajput's death has taken a turn for the worse. One shocking information after another has come up at every turn. This time Sushant's family lawyer made another serious complaint. His claim has been forcibly signed by Sushant's suicide statement. It was not even allowed to be read.

Sushant Singh Rajput's body was recovered from his flat in Bandra on June 14. Postmortem reports say the actor committed suicide. However, this theory has been completely blown away by Sushant's family. They claim that Sushant was killed in a planned manner

The CBI has already taken charge of investigating the death mystery. Multiple people including Riya Chakraborty and family members are undergoing marathon interrogation. The EDO is investigating Sushant's money laundering transaction with the responsibility of investigating the financial embezzlement. The Bureau of Narcotics Control is looking into drug addiction. Meanwhile, Sushant's family lawyer detonated the bomb again. This time the arrow of complaint is towards the Mumbai police.

At a press conference, Bikash Singh claimed that the Mumbai police had tried to suppress Sushant Kand. The suicide statement was written in Marathi. Sushant's family objected to that. The statement was forcibly signed by the Mumbai Police.

Incidentally, the mystery of Sushant Singh Rajput's death is no longer confined to Bollywood. This time a national level snooker player got involved in this death mystery. He is closely associated with Riya Chakraborty and his brother Sauvik Chakraborty.

Since Sushant Kande took charge of the investigation, multiple marathon interrogations have taken place. The addition of drugs to this stem has already been revealed. The Narcotics Control Bureau has already started investigations against Riya Chakraborty, her brother Sauvik, Gaurab Arya, manager Jaya Saha and many others.

According to the investigation, Riya Chakraborty was involved in drug dealing with the player named Rishabh Thakkar. This information is coming up from Riya Chakraborty's WhatsApp chat. It is learned that Riya and Rishabh had asked someone to bring drugs at a wedding ceremony in Udaipur. ED interrogated him for 6 hours on financial transactions.


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