MP watching blue picture on mobile during budget session, tumultuous viral video

The elected representatives in the parliament take important decisions of the country. But how many MPs listen to that discussion with their minds during the important discussion in the parliament? Debate has already erupted over the behavior of Thai MPs. He was seen watching pornography on his mobile phone during the important budget session. The video has gone viral at the moment.

However, even after the video went viral, the people's representative is not suffering from any frustration or guilt. According to Ranthep, one of the women sent the pictures in the hope of getting help. Helping that woman seemed important to him. So he looked at the pictures and judged how much the woman was in danger. However, in reality, the footage has nothing to do with the minister's statement. They are pure blue pictures.

The country is already abuzz with Ranthep's behavior. The news media has repeatedly published reports against him. There is also anger on the part of the people. Although Etson is not at all upset about anything. He says what he sees on his mobile phone is a personal matter.

He has already been summoned by the Thai government. However, he will probably not face any punishment for this behavior Because in that country there is no provision of punishment for watching blue pictures sitting in the parliament building. However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. At the same time, time will tell whether he will win the next election in the face of public outrage.

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