Mother zebra saves baby from lion, praises netizens in viral video

viral video: Mother is the most sacred word in the world. He is a symbol of affection and kindness for the child and he does not think twice to risk his life in the danger of the child. One such video has recently gone viral in the net world.

The viral video shows a lion biting a baby zebra's neck. Mother Zebra was a little far away. He ran from there and hit the lion. The lion was forced to release the baby zebra at the end of his face-to-face injury.

The video went viral on social media and flooded the Netpara. More than 10,000 netizens have already watched this video.

Earlier, another viral video showed a mother duck sitting at home with several cubs. A huge python snatched there secretly Although he attacked silently, he could not avoid the watchful eye of the mother duck.

The mother duck flaps its wings and warns the children as soon as it senses the snake's existence. He realized that it was not possible for everyone to get rid of the snake at once. Someone has to die The mother duck then puts itself in the snake's mouth to get the children out safely. Her children are seen escaping safely when the snake kills the mother duck by coil to make it its prey.