Mother Sita's curse; This crop has not grown in 600 grams of soil since the Treta era

Due to the curse of Sita, the wife of the great Sri Ramchandra (ram), gram is not cultivated in about 800 villages of Hararia tehsil of Basti district situated between the rivers Manorama and Saryu. According to agronomists, this region is suitable for gram cultivation but there is a curse behind non-cultivation of gram in this region. Due to the curse, the people of this region have not cultivated gram since Treta Yuga. Let's not know exactly what caused mother Sita to curse.

Lord Rama was returning to Ayodhya from Janakpur with mother Sita. On their way back through this area they were returning through a field. A few days ago, the gram of that region has been cut. As a result, there were still gram roots in the field. Which erupts at the feet of Mother Sita.

Angered by this, mother Sita cursed that if anyone sows gram in this area, it will be ruined. Since then till today gram has not been cultivated here. The people of this region believe that if anyone cultivates gram without following these rules, he will suffer a terrible loss.

However, after this curse of Sita, the people of this region requested Sita to take back this curse. At that time, mother Sita told them that if they planted Dhanteras only on the day, there would be no harm in cultivating gram. However, the people of this region came to Ayodhya on the day of Dhanteras. The people present started cultivating gram only with the permission of Sita. Locals say the rule has not changed since the Treta era.

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